Drive-Thru changed the very definition of customer service in F & B Industry and now is increasingly finding a foothold in Retail, especially Pharmacy, too. A typical Drive-Thru System is expected to optimize the monetization of a Drive-Thru lane while significantly enhancing the customer experience. However, there’s another crucial piece of analytical data that is often overlooked. This has to do with ensuring the Drive-Thru works efficiently & gets the best out of the staff. And yes I am talking about the Drive-Thru Timer.

The Drive-Thru Timer basically monitors the moment of a car through the lane, offering stage by stage details about a car’s journey. When connected with the cloud, it even allows the performance comparison of different Drive-Thru stores. The data extracted from Drive-Thru Timer thus paints a clearer picture of a Drive-Thru’s overall run-time right from the moment the car enters the Drive-Thru to the point it exists after the customer pays & receives the order.

Now, the solution comprises Drive-Thru Speaker, Customer Order Display, Audio System, Drive-Thru Timer & Cloud Management.  Drive-Thru stores use menu boards to educate customers on various choices of meals to select from. There has been an increased liking for the Digital versions over the traditional menu boards for a number of obvious reasons.

Firstly, Drive-Thru Digital Menu Board enables more appealing promotions and thus prompting a customer to either add more to the planned meal or try new offerings.

Secondly, the Digital Menu Board allows running multiple rich media ranging from static images to gifs to videos which is not exactly possible using traditional means.

A successful Drive-Thru implementation should allow the customers to be served in less than 3 minutes and FAMA Technologies ensures such standards are met in almost its Drive-Thru every project.

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Retail Management Solution is the first thing that comes to mind once you think of retail business technology. It is at the heart of any successful retail set up. Hence, choosing an apt solution can be the difference between a silky swift and a severely rough start. With the hundreds of options to compare, the choice of the correct one becomes even more paradoxical. Let me share a few standout features of an ideal Retail POS System to make the job easy.  

1. Quick keys

Quicks Keys enables a Staff to access the commonly sold entity with just hit of a button.

2. Multiple Payment Facility

Cash and Credit Card payments are the norm. Now POS Solution can support Mobile Payments as well.

3. Accounts & Security

This is vital to allow restricted access based on the hierarchy of staff. Another benefit is the ability to track sales made by the relevant staff members.

4. Store Credit, Returns & Refund Feature

This is a must-have feature for a customer-friendly shopping experience. The POS must enable a customer to opt for the refund option or go with store credit.

5. Customer Facing Display

Display facing customer promotes transparency and enhances the order accuracy.

6. Product Variants

A must-have system attribute that enables products with multiple types be easily logged.

7. Bulk Product Imports

One can import the products in bulk using this.

8. Barcodes

A Retail POS System should be able to print barcodes for better tagging of the products.

9. Inventory Check & Stock Transfers

A Retail POS must ease & simplify the process of inventory count and stock transfers

10. Promotions

Important for encouraging customers to purchase and thus move inventory.

11. Searchable Customer DataBase

To allow staff to customers without a hassle.

12. Customer Profile History

This is to facilitate easy customer returns or keep a track of customer liking.

13. Customer Properties

This entails customer birthday and address.

14. Loyalty Programs

For better retention of customers and awarding their loyalty.

15. Dashboard & Reporting

Get bird’s eye view of all at once from the Dashboard. Reports such as Product Reports, Employee Reports and Customer Reports provide crucial insights into matrices like stock status, worst-selling items, top-performing employees and so on.


A Restaurant is frequently visited by people and performs an unending chain of operations on a daily basis. The output it achieves is determined by a number of factors one of them being the POS Machine incorporated. The Restaurant Management Solution ensures restaurant functions optimally. A wrong choice can seriously impact the business as well as the customer experience. Here is what a capable Restaurant Management System is or can do:


A durable ergonomic Restaurant Point of Sale System provides the necessary robust body for longer survivability and prerogative of space independence. A compact POS terminal is always a pleasant sight for a customer.


An efficient POS can adapt to scale new heights of technology. It should support upgrades to become a better version of itself. 


An able Restaurant POS should uncomplicate the enduring task of multiple floor orders while maintaining a keen eye on the dwindling Inventory. It must enable the reduction of waiters on the floor and ensure the delivery of food to the respective tables is on time.


The speed of service is an indispensable architect of exhilarating customer experience. An apt restaurant management system fastens the order processing time and thus leads to quicker flipping of tables. A typical process involves swiftly managing table reservations, taking orders on the go, make menu recommendations, change order quantity, apply loyalty code, apply pre-authorization, adjust refunds and so on.


An effective Restaurant Management Solution should possess certain typical features to function as an optimal tool to handle a variety of Restaurant Operations. Important ones being:

Table Reservation System, Order Management, Inventory Management System, Payment Data, Employee Management, Permission & Access Control, Cloud-Based, Theft Control & Security.