FAMA Technologies, a subsidiary of the FAMA Holding Group, is a prominent provider of cutting-edge digital solutions across various industries. Operating under a single roof, we offer a diverse range of services. Since its inception in 2009, FAMA Technologies has achieved rapid and impressive growth, cementing its position as a market leader.

Our focus lies in the realm of future technological solutions, aimed at enhancing business efficiency through digitalization. Within our portfolio of digital solutions, we proudly present our On Go Drive-Thru Solution, Digital Solutions, Self Ordering Kiosk, Bayan Book, Infra and Security Solutions.

Moreover, we are dedicated to upholding Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for all our products. With an extensive reach and comprehensive capabilities, FAMA Technologies is the ideal collaborative partner, following a consultative approach. We possess the competence to manage every aspect of technological projects – from evaluation and planning to supply, installation, testing, and maintenance.

Catering to global restaurant chains, we have solidified our pioneering status in the QSR, Casual Dining, and Upscale Dining segments, we have extended our reach to serve a broader range of industries.

Our Values

Our Philosophy

A dedicated group of diverse individuals is collectively striving to revolutionize the manner in which businesses cater to their customers.


To be the leading provider of drive-thru, digital signage, ICT, and Bayan book business application solutions, that empower businesses to engage customers and foster growth through advanced technology and outstanding service.


We aim to transform businesses by providing top-notch, adap-table Digital Solutions that elevate customer experiences, optimize operations, and emp-ower businesses to effectively convey their messages.

Our Work

Transforming Industries through Next-Gen Digital Solutions

A trusted brand recognized globally, FAMA Technologies continues to build strong relationships over the years, catering to top well-known brands. Our portfolio speaks for itself, reflecting our commitment. We are investing in our team and technologies to leverage future projects.