Self-Ordering Kiosk

OUR Self-Ordering Kiosk

Our self-ordering kiosk solution is a technological innovation that has revolutionized the way customers interact with businesses in various industries, primarily in the food service and retail sectors. This interactive system allows customers to independently place their orders and complete transactions without the need for human intervention, typically using a touch screen interface.
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Optimizing Sales and Enhancing
Order Accuracy and Value

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Boost sales and increase the accuracy and value of customer orders

Our Kiosks serve a specific purpose – they let your restaurant staff focus on important tasks while ensuring customers can quickly and easily place orders. These Kiosks are designed for self-service.

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, efficiency is paramount. That’s where our self-service kiosks come into play, designed with a singular purpose in mind: to empower your restaurant staff to focus on what truly matters while ensuring a seamless and hassle-free ordering experience for your valued customers.

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Key Benefits

Increase average order value by up to 30%

On average, customers who order from a self-service kiosk will spend 20-30% more per order.
Kiosks give customers time to view the full menu while also allowing for upsell and cross-sell opportunities to help with their decision-making.

Serve more customers during your busiest times

Self Ordering Kiosks are a fit-for-purpose solution that allows staff to focus on other key tasks within your restaurant while ensuring customers are able to place orders quickly and effectively.

Improve order accuracy and remove human error

Kiosks improve order accuracy by removing human errors that are caused by miscommunication between the customer and cashier.
Improved order accuracy leads to a better customer experience, increased speed of service, and can reduce food wastage, leading to increased revenue.

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Connect with Customers Through
Our Cloud-Based Software Platform

We offer a cloud-based software platform that connects you directly to your customers.

It provides invaluable insights into your customer’s ordering behaviors, preferences, and order placement duration.

These insights enable you to make quick decisions, leading to improved operational efficiencies and a strengthened bottom line. With Supersonic, you have the tools to enhance customer experiences, optimize processes, and drive better results for your business.

Self ordering kiosk IN SAUDIA | kiosk solution IN UAE | kiosk ordering system IN KUWAIT | self-checkout solution PAKISTAN
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Self ordering kiosk IN SAUDIA | kiosk solution IN UAE | kiosk ordering system IN KUWAIT | self-checkout solution PAKISTAN



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POS (Point of Sale) Systems

pos UC 360

An ultra-slim and versatile all-in-one POS computer, ideal for retail and hospitality. Powered by Intel or Rockchip processors, it offers rich peripheral support, a secondary display, and flexible installation options for diverse environments.

Key Features:

    • 15.6″ FHD LCD (LED backlight) with PCAP Touch
    • Sleek modern design with dual hinge stand
    • Support both X86 and ARM base
    • Rich peripherals for diverse applications
    • Flexible installation for 2nd display
    • Integrate multifunction via USB-C (video, audio, etc.)
    • Support 75x75mm VESA
    • Extension I/O Hub (via USB type-C)
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