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Brick and Mortar business has their own set of prerogatives over online business. But there are certain areas where it significantly falls behind. One of them is the ability to measure the footfall or traffic to a store or an outlet especially supermarkets or retail stores. Online businesses have ways to gauge the traffic coming to the website, derive business intelligence, and accordingly make decisions. But does a brick & mortar business like a supermarket have the means to measure their footfall and use it in the same way?
The answer is YES or Footfall Intelligence Solution!

Footfall Intelligence/footfall counter enables a brick-and-mortar business to count its footfall and derive a variety of business intelligence. The best shall provide the following:

  1. Best in Class Technology
  2. Consistent Data
  3. Data Intelligence
  4. Quality Service

Best in Class Technology

Effective, error-free technology is a must for the success of a people counting system. The information derived is crucial for making important strategic & operational decisions. Thus, one must go with a solution provider with extensive clientele and proven examples.

Consistent Data

Consistency and uniqueness of data are necessary for ensuring it can be used in a meaningful way. Look for a solution provider who daily checks the data for discrepancies, thus transmitting high-quality unique data only.

Data Intelligence

Now comes the way data get churned to become fathomable & useful. The solution must come with an extensive dashboard enabling all kinds of quantitative and qualitative measurements say footfall quantity, red zones, and so on in the form of extensive reports. The reports’ interpretation should thus lead to better store optimization or staff performance or an overall increase in ROI.

Quality Service

This is equally important to guarantee the continuous functionality and optimal health of the solution. Choose a solution provider that offers a comprehensive Service level agreement.
To conclude, this is the age of Big Data. Today data is being used in retail to enhance the customer’s shopping experience and strategically place the products that maximize sales. Footfall Intelligence Solution thus is critical for gathering data and interpreting it in a meaningful intelligent way.