Transparent OLED Signage offers new ways to communicate visually and opens up a whole new level of creativity that even conventional digital signage cannot offer. OLED technology is known for its ability to produce vibrant and high-contrast images while also being energy-efficient.

Transparent OLED signage is a cutting-edge display technology that combines the benefits of OLED (Organic Light light-emitting diode) technology with transparency to create captivating and visually striking signage solutions. Here are a few key features of transparent OLED signage.


Transparent OLED signage allows viewers to see both the content displayed on the screen and what's behind it, making it ideal for creating immersive and eye-catching displays in various settings. This feature enables innovative design possibilities and a seamless integration of digital content into physical environments.

High Image Quality

Transparent OLED displays deliver high-quality visuals with deep blacks, vibrant colors, and excellent contrast ratios. These displays offer superior image clarity and can display dynamic content, including videos, images, and animations, in a visually compelling manner.

Energy Efficiency

OLED technology is inherently energy-efficient because it emits light on a pixel-by-pixel basis, with no need for a backlight. When combined with transparent properties, this efficiency makes transparent OLED signage a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for businesses and organizations looking to reduce energy consumption.

Customizable Shapes and Sizes

Transparent OLED displays are flexible and can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes, allowing for creative and customized signage designs. Whether you need a curved, flat, or even irregularly shaped display, transparent OLED technology can accommodate your unique requirements.

Interactive Capabilities

Some transparent OLED displays can be equipped with touch-sensitive technology, making them interactive. This feature enables users to engage with the content, whether for informational purposes, product showcasing, or interactive experiences in retail, museums, or other public spaces.

Wide Viewing Angles

Transparent OLEDs provide wide viewing angles, ensuring that content remains visible and engaging from various perspectives. This feature is crucial for signage applications, as it ensures that the message reaches a broad audience without distortion or color shift.

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High Transparency

55EW5PG S 02 High Transparency D

Transparent OLED Signage features a thinner design thanks to OLED technology, eliminating the need for a backlight unit and a liquid crystal layer. This technology achieves an impressive transparency level of 38%, significantly surpassing conventional LCD transparent displays, which typically have only 10% transparency. This high transparency allows the screen to seamlessly showcase objects behind it while superimposing relevant information directly onto the scene.

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Accurate and Vivid Colors

Featuring self-illuminating pixels, the screen consistently retains vibrant colors and a strong contrast ratio, even when it transitions to transparency. It effectively enhances content presentation from various viewing angles, seamlessly integrating it into its environment with a natural look and feel.

55EW5PG S 03 Accurate and Vivid Colors D
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Tempered glass for protection

55EW5PG S 04 Protective Tempered Glass D

Directly touching the display can lead to potential damage or scratches. However, the tempered glass in front serves as a protective barrier, safeguarding the product from external impacts. Additionally, its anti-shatter glass is specifically engineered to reduce the risk of harm to customers.

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Alluring Design with a Stand

Embracing cutting-edge display technology, this transparent OLED boasts an elegant stand that seamlessly integrates its design into its surroundings, ensuring it enhances your space without overshadowing it.

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