khaled bin fahd al-saud

Khaled Bin Fahd Al Saud

Khaled Bin Fahd Al Saud is a visionary businessman and investor who has left an indelible mark on the Middle East and Asia pacific business landscape. With his unparalleled experience and a keen eye for profitable investments, he has transformed industries.

His mission has always been clear, investing in diverse businesses and establishing partnerships with world-class brands. His strategic vision and financial acumen have enabled him to achieve this goal consistently, leaving behind a legacy of prosperity and innovation.

FAMA Technologies has consistently committed to delivering top-tier Drive-Thru, Digital, and ICT Solutions. Our steadfast trustworthiness has remained the cornerstone of our remarkable journey, ensuring exceptional outcomes for our valued clientele.

These significant moments serve as a wellspring of inspiration and motivation for the dedicated individuals within the FAMA Technologies family. This exceptional group of experienced professionals functions seamlessly as a cohesive team driven by our ambitious vision and shared values, which continue to propel the engine of our success.

Over a decade, our unwavering dedication has been devoted to serving the public and private sectors. We have expanded our footprint regionally and globally.

We proudly stand as the preferred partner for renowned global brands, nurturing enduring relationships that consistently flourish year after year. Rest assured, we are only at the inception of our remarkable journey.

The dynamic landscape of technology and digitization empowers us to reach a broader customer base through diverse channels and at an accelerated pace. Our industry is in the midst of rapid transformation, and we find ourselves at the forefront of this evolution, harmonizing disruptive innovation with operational excellence while keeping our customers at the core of our efforts.

Throughout all our endeavours, we remain steadfast in pursuing our vision, exuding unwavering confidence in our strategy, leadership, and capabilities. We will further fortify our reputation as an exceptional workplace, continuously attracting, engaging, and empowering top talent at every organizational level.

The future of FAMA Technologies radiates with promise and potential. Together, we shall pursue innovation, growth, and a positive impact on the industries we serve.