khaled bin fahd al-saud

Khaled Bin Fahd Al Saud

Group CEO & Managing Director

Khaled Bin Fahd Al Saud is a distinguished figure in the business arena, occupying a significant position as a board member within the organization. Since 2011, Khaled has served as the Group CEO and Managing Director of FAMA Holdings, leveraging his extensive 23-year tenure in the banking and financial sector. His visionary leadership and expertise have played a pivotal role in expanding and solidifying FAMA Holdings’ footprint across the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Khaled Bin Fahd Al Saud has made invaluable contributions to the company’s advancement through his strategic acumen and dedication. Initially joining FAMA Holdings as the Director of Investments, he demonstrated exceptional skill in making strategic investment decisions. Under his guidance, the company diversified its portfolio by successfully introducing ventures like Sunset Resort Beach, FAMA Technologies, and Mohammedia Dates. Khaled’s excellence and innovative thinking have propelled FAMA Holdings’ remarkable regional and global growth.

Overall, Khaled Bin Fahd Al Saud’s multifaceted role as a Board of Directors member, Group CEO, and Managing Director at FAMA Holdings, combined with his extensive experience in the banking and financial sector, have been pivotal in driving the company’s expansion and establishing a firm presence.

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Sultan Bin Fahd AlSaud

Assistant CEO & Managing Director

Sultan Bin Fahd Al Saud is a committed professional serving as Assistant CEO and Managing Director at FAMA Holdings Group. In this pivotal role, he provides crucial support to the Managing Director in overseeing and managing the diverse portfolio of companies within the FAMA Holdings Group.

These subsidiary companies encompass Mohammedia Dates, Sunset Resort Beach, and FAMA Technologies. With a strong emphasis on operational efficiency and strategic acumen, Sultan collaborates closely with the management team to streamline operations, foster growth, and ensure the overall prosperity of the group’s various ventures. His unwavering dedication to innovation and keen business sense significantly contribute to the group’s ongoing expansion and sustained success.

Sultan Bin Fahd Al Saud’s expertise and unwavering commitment make him an indispensable asset to the FAMA Holdings Group, allowing the organization to maintain its prominent position as a leading player in diverse industries. Through his contributions, he epitomizes a dedication to excellence and continues to influence the group’s trajectory positively.