Self-Ordering Kiosk is a technological leap that has revolutionized the way restaurants seek to serve the customers. The restaurant innovation combines the latest digital technology with cutting edge design offering a self-service station that’s sure to awe struck the customers. The solution is a perfect answer to long tiring visitor ques and takes the customer through the entire journey of choosing a product to making the payment in no time. Here are the stand out benefits:

Increased Revenue

owing to better menu choice and suggestive selling.

Better Order Accuracy

due to the self-ordering concept.

Get Rid of Long Ques

with the access to multiple ordering and check out points provided by the self-ordering kiosk.

Lower Labor Costs

with the multiple role-playing self-ordering kiosk.

Promotional Tool

displaying menu items, discount offer and so on for better guest experience.


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Robust Hardware

  • Entails an impressive sleek design with built in scanner, printer and hardware monitoring system.
  • Is Customizable as per the requirement.
  • Has full modular design for effective functioning.
  • Provides a HD capacitive screen for a swift ordering experience.
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Intelligent Software

  • Allows to create scalable customer-oriented solutions to enhance the customer journey.
  • Facilitates the easy creation and control of the digital content.
  • Enables monitoring the device status.
  • Provides means to conceive elaborative usage report.
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Comprehensive Service & Support

  • End to end Kiosk deployment services.
  • 24×7 Technical support.
  • Aid in integrating existing POS, Banks and Terminals.

Proximity Solution

FAMA’s Proximity Solution is a next generation
Customer Location Platform for Hospitality Business
that Sky Rockets the Sales and Optimizes the Customer Experience.

Our Table Service Solution leverages wireless, wireless smart locators, customers’ mobile devices, and a network of scanners to identify the location of a customer for order delivery and messaging both inside and outside of the store. When their order is ready, a staff member will deliver the order to the customer’s exact location. The proven benefits are:
  • Increased revenue per order.
  • Significant decrease in wait times.
  • Simple installation.
  • Improved customer and crew experience.
  • Cost-effective.
  • In-depth analysis and reporting.

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