Call Paging System

Call Paging System facilitates efficient crew service with better guest experience. Our paging systems offer reliable, cutting edge and cost-effective paging solutions. We cater to restaurants, retail, hospitals and clinics with precise answers to their paging needs. Following are our different type of Paging Systems:

Customer Call Paging Systems,Retail Management Solutions,Hospitality Pos,Medi Call Paging Systems,Customer Call Paging Systems,Retail Point Of Sale Systems.

Waiter Paging

( Kitchen to Waiter Paging System )

When meals are ready, the chef presses the Waiter Call transmitter sending a silent message to the appropriate staff member's page to take an action.


Customer Paging

( Guest Paging System )

Guests are simply handed a Customer Call IQ pager and they are free to visit nearby areas to kill time. The pager Lights up or beeps or vibrates or does all to call them back.


Push Button

Push Button- The Push buttons are efficient for contacting an on-site associate, with firm long range and reliable wireless call buttons. The buttons have easy to understand specifications to denote their applicability, thus lowering confusion. Push-buttons are of a great application at medical offices, individual and multi-provider practices in the dental, church, grocery stores and more.


Easy Call

( Call Button Paging System )

The Easy Call, with range of micro-buttons, empowers customers to summon staff to anywhere in the premises. The solution is efficient in outside areas, restaurants and retail stores.



Vuze- For Convenient Table Service for a Better Customer Experiences, Vuze aids in delivering/serving the order faster and fresh out of the kitchen! Thus reducing the congestion and maintaining a reputed name of the restaurant. By just handing the customers a guest tag, the system’s unique and advance applied science technology does the work of smoothly notifying the staff of the customer’s location or table.


Medi Call

( Patient Paging System )

Medi call enables patients to wait anywhere they find suitable for their medical appointment or at the pharmacy.

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