Online business always had an edge over a physical one in the sense that it can better track and analyze customer behavior. However, brick and mortar businesses are quickly catching up. Among the multiple technological advances that are taking the physical businesses to the next level, one that particularly stands out is Social Wi-Fi.

Social Wi-Fi is a technological leap that allows physical outlets to turn casual visitors into loyal customers and enhance customer loyalty by offering free Wi-Fi services. The customer simply logs into a portal by sharing some credentials to avail the free Wi-Fi services. The details furnished by the customer are saved in the process after he or she agrees to certain terms and conditions for data privacy. The data thus obtained is highly valuable with the potential to further customer numbers and enhance customer loyalty. 

Social Wi-Fi allows a business to target customers through different types of campaigns be it SMS or Email. One can also schedule birthday campaigns to better the business relationship with a customer on a personal level. The customer retention campaign is also a good way to transform a casual customer into a loyal one.

Social Wi-Fi comes with a platform offering a variety of business intelligence. The analytics gives an in-depth overlook of statistics like the number of people who visited a business entity, the peak hours of visit, the male vs female ratio, the frequency of a customer visit and so on. The analytics thus obtained from Social Wi-Fi can indirectly validate the success of a marketing campaign. Say if a restaurant is running a promotional dine-in campaign and sees a spike in the number of visitors logging into Social Wi-Fi, the boost in number sort of validates the good reception of the campaign by the audience and thus a jump in the number of visitors.

Most Social Wi-Fi technologies require access points and software licenses depending on the coverage area of a business unit. The Wi-Fi login page can be branded as per businesses’ objective and liking. Say a restaurant can have motion banners of their discounted dishes or simply an introduction to the restaurant’s rich history or food culture and so on.

So, Social Wi-Fi is among the must-have innovations for most business genres who want to better serve & retain their customers!

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