Digital Signage Solutions have revolutionized the way business presents itself to its audience and has been a leading force in Digital Transformation. The invention has been a great leap towards providing a brand with a platform to get maximum exposure and visibility. There is a spectrum of products that fall under the umbrella of Digital Signage, commonly known being Digital Menu Board, Video Wall, Indoor Digital Signage, Outdoor Digital Signage and so on.

Digital Signage Solutions are mostly used in Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Hospitality, Retail, Cinemas, Transport, and Education.

In Restaurants, The Digital Signage works in the form of a Digital Menu Board showcasing mainly the menu with different formats of promotions on a rotation basis.

In Shopping Malls, the Digital Signage is used as a directory or a map for facilitating informed navigation of the mall. Digital Signage as a wayfinding Kiosk with an interactive screen is replacing the traditional models at a fast pace and is being used for running various promotional activities as well.

In Hospitality, Digital Signage plays an important role as a virtual assistant offering information ranging from restaurants in a hotel to navigation details about a particular location within the premises.

In Retail say a supermarket, the digital signage as an interactive kiosk can help customers to find the information on various selling items including the location within the premises.

In cinemas, the digital signage takes the shape of a ticketing kiosk and has proved to be a great comforter to moviegoers who can avoid long queues and collect their tickets in a very short span of time.

 Similarly, the Transport sector is increasingly using Digital Signage as a wayfinding and promotional tool.

Finally, In Education, the Digital Signage can be used as a Digital Menu Board in cafeterias and as an informational & promotional tool inside schools or university campuses and so on.

Every Digital Signage solution consists of 2 basics architect elements – Hardware & Software. The Hardware mainly comprises HD screen which might be encased in a temperature & weatherproof casing as in Outdoor Digital Signage. Software must be scalable enough to adapt as per the need. The choice of both Hardware and Software determines the productivity of the solution. Hence, thorough research is absolutely crucial before zeroing in on one.

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