A video wall is a collection of smaller LED or LCD video screens that together form a one big display. The integrated solution formed by high-resolution displays is run by a powerful processing & computing system known as video wall processor. The content on video wall can stretch across the entire display or a part of it depending on the need. So various forms of rich media can be played simultaneously on a video wall. Now one can certainly ask, why investment in a video wall when a projector or a single big display can get the job done? To answer this, lets talk about the lucrative benefits of a typical video wall system.


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Advance Visual Performance

The display quality of a video wall is way ahead and is counted as a significant trait making it a favorite among visual platforms. The resolution of a video display increases with each panel added to the video wall. Further, the video wall excels in brightness contrast as well.

Reliable & Versatile

Video wall is possibly used non-stop and demands high durability to deliver optimal productivity. Unlike consumer-grade electronics, the video walls are made to be robust and resilient. Thus, the cost maintenance is low as compared to a projector or single display.

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Versatile Presentations

You can practically display anything. A video wall processor reads the signals from different devices in variety of forms and resolutions. Hence a collage of rich media coming from spectrum of devices can be displayed simultaneously. In addition, one can avail dynamic content and content manipulation features as well

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