The choice of a Retail Management System can make or break a retail business. The ideal solution is expected to offer efficient supply chain and inventory management, workforce management, integration with online store or in short take the overall operations experience to an optimal level. Our holistic Retail Management Solution comprises:


Our Retail POS runs on the latest fast processor encased in a durable body and has:

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  • Multi touch for an adequate experience
  • Spill proof and dust protected screen for enhanced operations
  • Stylish and Sleek design
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Smooth Integration


The Retail Management Software is fluidic capable of meeting any set of complex needs of a retail environment. The standout features are:

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Enhanced Inventory Management

  • Access an easy to use form to create and modify multi-dimensional matrix items besides adding or removing dimensions of existing items as well.
  • Use supplier re-order number to locate items easily and quickly.
  • Upload item costs to headquarters when cost information changes at the store level.
  • This ensures accurate, chain-wide item cost reports based on weighted average.
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Improved Pricing Control

  • Add items to purchase orders (POs) on-the-fly using a new dialogue window.
  • Manage specialized purchasing requirements by easily exporting POs to Microsoft® Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel® for easy customization.
  • Facilitates accurate ordering that keeps popular items in stock with the ability to view purchase orders in matrix format.
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New Pricing Capabilities

  • Set percentage or pricing discounts for “Buy X get Y” and Mix / Match quantity discount scenarios.
  • Set up and select “by price” or “by percentage” options.
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Address Verification Support

  • Allows application of credit card rates when card details are entered manually in scenarios where card reader is not working or cardholder’s magnetic stripe cannot be read.
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Simple Product Activation

  • Activation can be done by a mere product key either via internet or call center.

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