FAMA Technologies is a leading Drive Thru solutions provider with an intense credible experience of doing the End to End Solution for elite brands like Starbucks, Wendy’s and so on. Our Drive Thru solutions pave the way for optimized customer experience coupled with enhanced server productivity at all the windows. This reduces the customer journey time through a Drive thru lane thus boosting sales. To sum it up, FAMA’s Drive Thru solutions result in faster service, greater order accuracy and increased profitability. The solution mainly entails:

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Drive-Thru Headsets

The Drive-Thru headset facilitates a crystal-clear communication between customer and the server for an optimized customer experience and order accuracy. We have:

  • Wireless all-in-one drive-thru headset systems.
  • Compact drive-thru headset belt-Pac models.
  • Cabled drive-thru intercom systems.
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Speaker Post

Our Drive-Thru speaker post can withstand extreme temperatures with no impact whatsoever on quality of sound produced from it or clarity of communication to the server through the microphone.

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Customer Order Display

A renowned name in Customer Order Display (COD) segment, FAMA Technologies has expertise in all the associated technologies and their support in the field.

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Drive-Thru Timer

A blessing for Quick Service Restaurants, the Drive Thru timer monitors cars journey time through the Drive Thru. The tracking is done to ensure customers are served in an optimal fashion at all the drive thru windows. We have:

  • Zoom Drive Thru Timer System.
  • Dash LCD Upgrade for System 30 Timer.
  • System 30 A Drive Thru Timer.
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Cloud Drive-Thru Enterprise Management

The cloud functionality enables the Quick Service Restaurant with multiple stores to efficiently manage their Drive Thru lanes. Once linked to Zoom timer, QSR managers can remotely access real-time dashboard and robust reporting features to:

  • Compare and analyze performance data from multiple stores simultaneously.
  • Receive online technical support.
  • Receive free future Zoom software upgrades.
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Service & Support

We offer comprehensive SLA for Drive Thru and have:

  • Certified Repair Center.
  • Warranty Management.
  • Repair Maintenance.

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